Jake Stevens

Jake is a professional voice over artist and multi-instrumentalist with nearly 20 years of experience in both theatrical and film acting and music production. He graduated from Compass Film Academy, attended GRCC's theater program for 3 years, produced 2 of his own full-length LPs, and has worked with many small businesses and companies on a variety of projects. He approaches every new project with enthusiasm and an open mind and strives to ensure 100% satisfaction with the projects he works on.


- Voice of TheoSaurus Learning Software by Lynx
- Voice of GoToTrafficSchool.com's Audio Read-Along.


- "How to be Creative: The Ultimate Guide to Forming a Creative Process & Improving Creative Problem Solving" - Audible / Amazon / iTunes
- "Milk Thistle: The Ultimate Guide to What It Is, Where to Find It, Core Benefits, and Why You Need It" - Audible / Amazon / iTunes

Rick Waldmiller

Rick is an actor, voice over artist and multi-instrumentalist. As a member of International Thespian Society Troupe #5421 and with 15 years experience as an actor, voice over artist and musician, Rick is ready to take on any challenge. He's worked with many business, producing, starring in or voicing everything from commercials to short films. Rick's strong work ethic means he always gives 110% to a project.

Adam Kragt

Adam is a technology guru with over 10 years experience in web development and video production. Growing up around computers, they've become second nature for him. Over the years, he's worked with Sony's, Apple's and Adobe's multimedia tools and enjoys a little casual gaming every now and then.