Jake Stevens

Jake is a professional voice over artist and multi-instrumentalist with nearly 20 years of experience in both theatrical and film acting and music production. He graduated from Compass Film Academy, attended GRCC's theater program for 3 years, produced 2 of his own full-length LPs, and has worked with many small businesses and companies on a variety of projects. He approaches every new project with enthusiasm and an open mind and strives to ensure 100% satisfaction with the projects he works on.


- Voice of TheoSaurus Learning Software by Lynx
- Voice of GoToTrafficSchool.com's Audio Read-Along.


- "How to be Creative: The Ultimate Guide to Forming a Creative Process & Improving Creative Problem Solving" - Audible / Amazon / iTunes
- "Milk Thistle: The Ultimate Guide to What It Is, Where to Find It, Core Benefits, and Why You Need It" - Audible / Amazon / iTunes